Wednesday, September 04, 2019

Gretel & Hansel Reworks an Ancient Grimms' Tale for a New Audience: First Trailer

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Orion Pictures has released the first trailer for Gretel & Hansel. To show in theatres this 2020, Gretel & Hansel re-envisions the Brothers Grimm's 19th Century fairy tale. Very dark, the trailer shows a brother and sister, in the house of an isolated woman. Here, the children are fed, in preparation for what? Most everyone knows how this tale will play out. However, director Oz Perkins (The Blackcout's Daughter) and writer Rob Hayes' take on the material looks a bit different. This title stars: Sophia Lillis (It, 2017), Charles Babalola ("Black Mirror"), Alice Krige and Jessica De Gouw. The film's first trailer is hosted below, along with the movie poster here.

The storyline for this film version follows the witch more closely, than previous interpretations. How did the witch begin down her demonic path? And, how many previous victims has she eaten? Gretel and Hansel will find out as they flee disease and pestilence, for safety in the dark woods.

The film's poster was also released this week; the promotional material again focuses on the witch. And, Gretel & Hansel is expected to release, in theatres, this January 31st. A co-production between Automatik and Orion Pictures, United Artists Releasing will handle the film's U.S. theatrical run. Other territories like Mexico and Switzerland will also hold screenings, later this year and into 2020. Fans of this ancient fairy tales or of the horror genre can find the latest on Gretel & Hansel below.

Release Date: January 31st, 2020 (Theatrical).

Director: Oz Perkins.

Writer: Rob Hayes.

Cast: Sophia Lillis, Alice Krige, Jessica De Gouw and Charles Babalola.

The official trailer for Gretel & Hansel (courtesy of Orion Pictures):

There have been dozens and dozens of films based on this source material, including the 2013 Witch Hunters' version:

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