Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Ghost Revenge Thriller Girl on the Third Floor Gets Set for a Wide Release: First Trailer

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Girl on the Third Floor is set to have a wide release, this October. Already having shown at SXSW earlier this year (Austin, Texas), this title will show on Digital near All Hallow's Eve. The film centrally stars former WWE wrestler C.M. Punk as Don, a man simply trying to repair a family home. However, old memories or simply ghosts reside in the manor, reminding him of his past transgressions. Developed by director Travis Stevens (Mohawk, 2017) with writers: Paul Johnstone (The Knock, 2017) and Ben Parker, a new trailer is available for the film here.

Since the film's World Premiere, the film has received a few, early reviews. Most have been mildly positive. Meanwhile, Rob Hunter at Film School Rejects focuses on the script: "it’s a story about man’s proclivity for using, abusing, and forgetting women." One man's past has caught up to him. A ghostly revenge film, Hunter goes on: "girls and women have suffered and died, but they’re not about to let death get in the way of vengeance." And, these ghosts will not let Don love them and leave them as seen in the film's first trailer. Overall, Girl on the Third Floor is a film that asks the question: who is the real victim?

Dark Sky Films has picked October 25th, for the film's release. On this date, Girl on the Third Floor will show, through a wide release, on Digital platforms and in select theatres; the film has not been rated. And, this haunted house title promises that a few surprises lie-in-wait behind these muck soaked walls.

Release Date: October 25th, 2019 (Digital, Limited Theatrical).

Director: Travis Stevens.

Writers: Paul Johnstone and Ben Parker.

Cast: C.M. Punk, Trieste Kelly Dunn, Sarah Brooks and Elissa Dowling.

The official trailer for Girl on the Third Floor (courtesy of Dark Sky Films):

Girl on the Third Floor at Dark Sky Films: Girl on the Third Floor Details at Dark Sky Films

An Early Review of Girl on the Third Floor at Film School Rejects: Girl on the Third Floor Details at Film School Rejects

Dark Sky Films will also release Darlin', in early Sept. The film has received a mixed bag of reviews, so far:

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