Monday, August 19, 2019

Frankenstein Horror Depraved Re-invents Itself for Modern Audiences this September

Larry Fessenden's modern retelling of Mary Shelley's Frankenstein has a full length trailer. Already having played at several film festivals, Depraved will now begin a wide release this September. In Fessenden's retelling of this classic, a soldier has returned home, after a debilitating injury. Adam (Alex Breaux) is traumatized and suffering from PTSD. But, an Army medic (David Call) has cobbled Adam back together again, for better or worse. In early July, a teaser was released for the film. Now, a full length trailer is available for this creative horror title.

Fessenden has talked about his inspirations for the film and the film's inherent themes. At Morbidly Beautiful, Fessenden's lists the film's central themes: "the human hubris of a scientist-defying God; The fear of losing control over something you have created; The fear of the 'other,' be it deformed or brutish and the loneliness of being a monster." One medic's creation is certainly more stronger than him, despite Adam's hodge-podge of human parts. Fessenden elaborates more on the film's themes, in this interview: "and the theme of parenting is in there. And how we treat our vets. And how capitalism corrupts, and how cynicism is toxic." The modern world might be too complex for a monster like Frankenstein, but Fessenden approaches the material in a realistic way - based on the film's trailer.

Depraved will show across the United States on September 13th. On this date, this title will show on Digital platforms and in a few theatres. Horror fans can find the latest on Fessenden's here, with this director already having completed another film- Foxhole.

Release Date: September 13th, 2019 (U.S., Digital, Limited Theatrical).

Director/writer: Larry Fessenden.

Cast: David Call, Joshua Leonard, Ana Kayne and Alex Breaux.

The official trailer for Depraved (courtesy of IFC Films):

Source: Depraved at First Showing

A Larry Fessenden Interview at Morbidly Beautiful

Fessenden is also a prolific actor, with appearances in dozens and dozens of films. One of his smaller appearances occurs in the horror film Southbound:

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