Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Hell House LLC III: Lake of Fire Shows Devilish Eyes in this First Poster

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The first film poster for Hell House LLC III: Lake of Fire has been released. As well, an animated version will be made available shortly. This latest sequel brings Stephen Cognetti (Hell House LLC) back to the director's chair. This latest sequel will show exclusively through the video hosting platform Shudder; Hell House LLC III is expected to show this Fall. More details on the film's upcoming release are available here.

A few story details are available, in the poster. The synopsis mentions a missing investigative team and the evil that lies within the Abaddon Hotel. Now, that evil is set to be released again as the hotel is opened to the public.

The film's first graphic shows some of the settings and characters. The hotel is on flames, while two men show devilish eyes. Everything is in gray as even the water smokes. Everything in this film poster looks hellish.

A trailer has not been released for Hell House LLC III: Lake of Fire. However, this third film is near completion and is sure to show this Halloween season, via Shudder. Fans of the first two films can find the latest on Hell House LLC III: Lake of Fire here.

Release Date: Q3, 2019 (Shudder).

Director/writer: Stephen Cognetti.

*a trailer is coming soon.

More details on Hell House LLC III will show at the Terror Films' homepage, soon:

A Terror Films' Homepage

The first film, Hell House LLC, at Amazon:

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