Monday, June 03, 2019

The Evil Inside Her Puts a Knife in a Psychotic's Hand this June 13th

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There is very little else scarier than a psychotic person with a knife. In The Evil inside Her, character Vikki slowly loses her mind and lashes out at her friends. But, what is causing her madness? The Evil Inside Her released a trailer back in May, along with a movie poster. Now, the film is setting up its World Premiere for mid-June. The Evil Inside Her stars: Eric Roberts (The Dark Knight), Melissa Kunnap (Rave Party Massacre), Brian Ashton Smith and Madeline Tesh. A preview of the film's upcoming launch, in North Carolina, is here.

The longer story involves a hidden killer. Clayton (Roberts) drugs his victims, which leads to self-mutilation. Then, they are compelled to murder those around them, leading to a battle with psychosis. Now, Vikki (Kunnap) is his latest drug-infused puppet. But, who is Clayton's real target?

The World Premiere will take place in Asheville, North Carolina. This is the same city in which the film was partially shot. On June 13th, horror fans can see the film on the big screen, at the Fine Arts Theatre. At the premiere, several cast and drew members will be in attendance - including Eric Roberts. A Q & A will take place after the premiere and more details on this exclusive theatrical release are below.

Release Date: June 13th, 2019 (World Premiere, Limited Theatrical).

Director: James Suttles.

Writer: James Blankenfeld.

Cast: Eric Roberts, Melissa Kunnap, Brian Ashton Smith, Amadeline Olivia Tesh.

The official trailer for The Evil Inside Her is here (courtesy of Cinema Epoch)

*tickets are currently $18 per person.

The film's official website (with ticket information): The Evil Inside Her Homepage

Source: The Evil Inside Her at Cinema Epoch

Central actress Melissa Kunnap also starred in 2017's Rave Party Massacre aka Dead Thirsty:

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