Thursday, June 20, 2019

Spanish Thriller Infection Goes Worldwide in this Latest Trailer

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Tagline: "Empezo en el Lugar Menos Pensado" or "Started in the Least Likely Place."

A new trailer has been released recently for the plague thriller Infection. Also know as Infeccion in its native Mexico, this horror title involves a disease, which is spreading quickly around the world. Doctors have almost no time to contain the spread. Infection already had its World Premiere in Mexico, this past March. Now, the film's sales agent, Jinga Films, hopes to move the film into new territories. As well, Flavio Pedota has directed and written the film along with co-writer Yeimar Cabral. And, the film centrally stars: Ruben Guevara (Santiago, 2011), Leonidas Urbina (the Cage) and Magdiel Gonzalez. The film's latest trailer and other promotional materials are available here.

The film's official synopsis mentions a rabies-like virus. This disease leads to an epidemic, which leads to fear and then chaos - around the world. One father, in search of his son, must battle those infected to reunite his family.

Infection has show in a few film festivals. Already shown in Venezuela and Mexico, future releases have not been announced. However, if you are a fan of infection styled thrillers, then this is one film you will want to keep on your radar. More release details will be announced once they are available.

Release Date: TBA.

Director: Flavio Pedota.

Writers: Flavio Pedota and Yeimar Cabral.

Cast: Rubén Guevara, Leonidas Urbina, Magdiel González, Genna Chanelle Hayes, Francis Rueda, Anibal Grunn, Luca De Lima and Ronnie Nordenflycht.

The official trailer for Infection (courtesy of Jinga Films, may not play on certain browsers):

Source: Infection at Jinga Films

Contagion (2011) is another film involving a worldwide pandemic:

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