Saturday, June 22, 2019

Dark Web Brings Eight Sci-fi Tales to Amazon Prime this July 19th!

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28DLA has been following the developments of the short film series Dark Web for awhile now. Recently, the production team has announced that the series will debut, on Amazon Prime, this July. The series includes eight episodes, each of which focuses on the more nefarious parts of the internet. Episode titles include: "Eat. Prey. Love.," "Rideshare," "Zero," "Blackheart," and "Viral." As well, directors of the series range from: Roxy Shih (The Tribe) to Zelda Williams ("Dead of Summer") and Mario Miscione (Circle, 2015). This film fan is excited to see writer Christopher Webster's writing work on "Hacked." Webster has been a long time contributor on the horror and sci-fi site Quiet Earth, found here. More details on this upcoming release are hosted below.

The Dark Web series also hosts a huge cast. Cast members announced to date include: Sibongile Mlambo ("Lost in Space"), Nicholas Brendan ("Buffy"), Clare Kramer, Robert Davi (The Goonies), Lana McKissack, Michael Nardelli and several others. Some of these actors will be in attendance at this year's Comic-Con, in San Diego. The series' World Premiere will take place at the Hard Rock Hotel, this July 19th.

This World Premiere will coincide with the Amazon Prime debut. This launch also takes place on July 19th, with fans of sci-fi able to see the series for themselves, across North America. Each tale promises a mysterious story of tech-gone-wrong and a world in which everyone is connected, all of the time! Check it out July 19th.

Release Date: July 19th, 2019 (World Premiere, San Diego & Amazon Prime).

Directors: Roxy Shih, Boman Modine, Eric Salberg, Zelda Williams, Mario Miscione, Michael Nardelli.

Writers: Roxy Shih, Boman Modine, Christopher Webster, Zelda Williams, Mario Miscione and Michael Nardelli.

Cast: Sibongile Mlambo, Nicholas Brendan, Clare Kramer, Robert Davi, Lana McKissack, Michael Nardelli, Noemi Gonzalez, Julie Benz, Nicholas Brendan and Gabriel Luna.

The latest teaser trailer for Dark Web (courtesy of LRM):

Source: Dark Web at Quiet Earth

Christopher Webster is also a published author. His novel New Horizons is available now:

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