Friday, June 07, 2019

Crime Thriller Midnight Runner Hides a Body this June 14th on Digital Platforms

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Midnight Runner is a co-directed film from John Mathis and Jared Sprouse. Together, they have created a coming-of-age drama, in which Ian is surrounded by a violent, criminal world. To be released by Global Digital Releasing, Midnight Runner stars: Ben Weinswig (Polo Rainbow), Dawn O'Donoghue, Mekhai Lee, Tavis L. Baker and Noah Crandell. This film is slated for a run, on Digital platforms, next week.

The story focuses on Ian (Weinswig). He moves into a new neighbourhood, with his Aunt (O'Donoghue). Here, he meets a local gang leader, Kurdt (Lee). As Ian and Kurdt's lives collide, they both become intertwined with a local murder. Now, Ian has left one violent past, only to be caught up in a more dangerous present. Ian's relationship with Anna might be his only way out, of this criminal underworld.

Global Digital Releasing with release Midnight Runner on several platforms. On June 14th, this dramatic thriller will show on: Prime Video and VuDu. This initial release will be followed up by another on: iTunes, Tubi Tv, iFlix and several others. Fans of crime thrillers can find the latest on Midnight Runner, including the trailer and Digital release poster, here as more details emerge next week.

Release Date: June 14th, 2019 (Digital).

Directors/writers: John Mathis, Jared Sprouse.

Cast: Ben Weinswig, Mekhai Lee, Julia Crytser.

The official trailer for Midnight Runner (courtesy of Global Digital Releasing):

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