Monday, May 27, 2019

One More Chance at Life in this Preview for Horror Thriller 13 Graves

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Tagline: "Some Things are Best Left Buried."

13 Graves is a film from UK based production house Drop Dead Films. Also from director John Langridge (Four, 2011), 13 Graves is a horror film, set in a haunted wood. Here, two contract killers are hoping to get rid of another victim, until a supernatural entity reveals itself. This title stars: Kevin Leslie (Rise of the Krays), Morgan James (The Red Zone) and Terri Dwyer. Completed in 2018, distributor Monarch Home Entertainment will release this film on June 25th of this year; more details on the release are hosted here.

A trailer for the film was revealed last month. The clip shows the contract killers, forcing a man to dig his own grave. But, he escapes when they are distracted. In the woods, strange characters emerge and this intended victim has one more chance at life.

13 Graves is slated for a June 25th release, on DVD. This Summer, fans of indie horror or thrillers can view the film for themselves. Award winning (Independent Horror Movie Awards), 13 Graves promises a surprise or two as seen in the film's official trailer below.

Release Date: June 25th, 2019 (DVD).

Director/writer: John Langridge.

Cast: Kevin Leslie, Morgan James, Jacob Anderton

The official trailer for 13 Graves (courtesy of Monarch Home Ent.):

13 Graves at Monarch Home Ent.: 13 Graves Release Details at Monarch Home Ent.

The MSRP is currently $13.29 at Amazon:

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