Friday, May 03, 2019

Hell House LLC III: Lake of Fire Set to Show on Shudder Later This Year!

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Hell House LLC III: Lake of Fire has moved into pre-production. This third film in the franchise brings back several of the previous cast, including: Joy Shatz as Molly, Jillian Geurts playing Jessica and the demonic hotel owner (Andrew Tully). There will be other familiar faces, with director Stephen Cognetti helming this latest sequel. As well, it has just been announced that Terror Films will bring Hell House LLC III to the Shudder platform, later this year. More details, on this third film and a potential television series, are hosted here.

Cognetti has already released several stills, from the set. The early stills show some of the film's settings, a hotel and hotel room. Revealing only a little, the latest stills can be found here.

Of course, Hell House LLC III: Lake of Fire will likely be shot as a found footage styled title, like the previous films. And, there is even mention of an upcoming Hell House television franchise as stated by Terror Films' exec Joe Dain: "[the third film will] act as an exciting precursor for The Abaddon Tapes—a limited series currently in development, which will expand on the history of the Abaddon Hotel, the now infamous setting of the franchise." Finally, horror fans will not have to wait long to see this third film and the television series. Hell House LLC III: Lake of Fire will show, on Shudder, later this year.

Release Date: 2019 (Shudder).

Director: Stephen Cognetti.

Cast: Ryan Jennifer Jones, Danny Bellini, Gore Abrams, Adam Schneider, Theodore Bouloukos, Jared Hacker, Joy Shatz, Jillian Geurts and Brian David Tracy.

The Shudder homepage: Details on the Shudder Subscription Service

A homepage for Terror Films: A Terror Films' Landing Page

The second film in the franchise released in 2018:

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