Thursday, April 25, 2019

There is No Rest for the Wicked in this Preview for When She Wakes

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When She Wakes is an upcoming horror film, with elements of mystery. This month, a trailer and poster were released for the film. Set to show in film markets this year, When She Wakes is currently being repped by sales agent Princ Films. In this title, a mother with narcolepsy loses her child. Later, Danni (Hannah Ward) begins to experience strange visions and nightmares as an entity comes looking for revenge. When She Wakes also stars Nicola Lanbo ("Will & Grace"), Conra Goode (The Longest Yard) and Micah Parker. The film was directed and written by David Arthur Clark. A look ahead at the film's incoming reveal is hosted here.

The first graphic asks: "who watches you when you sleep?" Also, the character in the background almost looks doll-like as if for a child. Character Danni is forefront as flames lick the edges of the movie poster. And, When She Wakes reveals something of the antagonist in this image.

When She Wakes was completed in 2018. The film is expected to show at this year's American Film Market, in Santa Monica. This title will show at other film markets, for distributors, in the coming months. Horror fans can also experience the film for themselves likely later this year, with Princ Films intending to show the film in some territories in a few weeks or months.

Release Date: 2019.

Director/writer: David Arthur Clark.

Cast: Conrad Goode, Nicola Lambo, Hannah Ward.

The trailer for When She Wakes (rated Mature on YT):

Source: When She Wakes at Princ Films

Princ Films also repped the noir thriller Dirty Dead Con Men, which was then released by Global Digital Releasing, earlier this year:

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