Wednesday, April 17, 2019

My Lover, My Lazy Boy Offers a Front Row Seat in 2019: A Preview

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My Lover, My Lazy Boy is an upcoming horror comedy. From the twisted mind of director Bernie Rao (The Badlands), this film envisions a serial-killing armchair. A movie clip was released for the film a year ago. Currently, director Rao is completing production on the film, which is slated to show in film markets later this year. This is a New Zealand production. And, My Lover, My Lazy Boy stars: Jed Brophy (The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies), Harley Neville (I Survived a Zombie Holocaust), Grant Kereama, Piimio Mei and many others. An unofficial trailer, for the film, is available here - along with a few other details.

The official plot mentions a Dybbuk-possessed reclining chair. This chair becomes infatuated with its new owner (no seriously?!). Now, this recliner will do whatever it takes, including murder, to have her. Not even a Jewish Rabbi, nor a Voodoo sorceress can help.

As well, a concept poster was released for My Lover, My Lazy Boy this past March. The graphic shows the seat, in reds. Someone is reflected in its one eye/button. And, this is one killer that should not be tested.

My Lover, My Lazy Boy is expected to show in a few festival markets, in 2019. This title is already slated to show at this year's American Film Market, in Santa Monica. My Lover, My Lazy Boy is being repped by High Octane Pictures in the United States and Devilworks in Europe. Fans of comedy or of strange horror can expect to see lots more of this film as it nears completion.

Release Date: 2019 (Film Markets).

Director/writer: Bernie Rao.

Cast: Jed Brophy, Grant Kereama, Harley Neville, Piimio Mei, Natalie Morris, Jim Baltaxe, Sarah Munn and Jamie McCaskil.

An unofficial trailer for My Lover, My Lazy Boy (courtesy of Bernie Rao, Vimeo):

An even funnier movie clip, at Rao's Vimeo channel, of the killing recliner in action: A My Lover, My Lazy Boy Movie Clip at Vimeo

Another strange film, in which a tire stalks others (Rubber, 2010):

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