Thursday, April 04, 2019

Cave Thriller Living Dark Finds Something in the Darkness on DVD April 23rd!

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Tagline: "Be Careful What You Dig For."

Living Dark is an indie horror film, from director David L. Hunt (Greater). Completed way back in 2013, the film has just recently seen a release in the United Kingdom, on DVD. This film is also expected to show, on DVD, this April - through Monarch Home Entertainment (United States). The film involves two estranged brothers, who reunite at their father's funeral. In a remote cave, they find a passage and something that should not have been uncovered. Also, this title stars: Chris Cleveland (The Prestige), Matthew Alan ("Sons of Anarchy") and Circus-Szalewski. Both a thriller and a horror film, a preview of the film's home entertainment release is hosted here.

The UK release took place in late 2017. Reviewer Dave Wain discussed the film around this time. He says of the film and its development of tension: "Living Dark hinges on the ability of the filmmakers to create terror and tension in the confines of a cramped setting with a handful of actors (SchlockPit)." The film's official trailer only shows a bit of that terror, in a cramped tunnel. Wain also mentions this title's lack of an ability to grab the viewer's attention: "there’s little in the first act to truly hook you in, save for determined perseverance!" So, the film is a bit of a hit-and-a-miss, but might be for those looking for something obscure to add into your DVD collection.

Monarch Home Entertainment will make the film available on April 23rd. The film will only be available on DVD and will not come with any extras. Living Dark has a runtime of 97 minutes. And, the film's official DVD release trailer is below, for fans of horror.

Release Date: April 23, 2019 (DVD).

Director: David L. Hunt.

Writers: David L. Hunt (as David Hunt), Kevin Brown.

Cast: Chris Cleveland, Matthew Alan, Mark Hayter and Circus-Szalewski.

The official trailer for Living Dark (courtesy of Monarch Home Ent.):

Living Dark at Monarch Home Entertainment: Living Dark Release Details at MHE

A Review of the Film at the Schlock Pit: Living Dark Reviewed at the Schlock Pit

The film is also known by the longer title Living Dark: The Story of Ted the Carver:

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