Thursday, March 14, 2019

The Head Hunter Tracks Down a Demon in this First Trailer

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The Head Hunter aka The Head is a medieval feature from Portugal. Part fantasy and part horror, The Head Hunter had its World Premiere at the Sitges Film Festival, in Spain. Since then, Vertical Entertainment has picked up the film for distribution in the United States. In the film, a medieval warrior protects his home and country from strange monsters and the occult. In search of revenge, this warrior hopes to slay the creature that killed his daughter. This title was directed by Jordan Downey (ThanksKilling), from a script by Kevin Stewart ("Unfriended: Dark Web"). This title is slated for an early April release, with more details below.

The trailer shows some of the Head Hunter's (Christopher Rygh) anger. He has his gruesome trophy collection in his home. In search of the creature, he roams the countryside and finds what he is looking for inside a small cave, leading to a final confrontation.

Vertical Entertainment has set the date for the film's release. On April 5th, The Head Hunter will be available on Digital platforms and in theatres. Fans of either fantasy or horror will want to put this film on their radars as The Head Hunter has a number of award wins, under its belt. Horrorphiles can find the trailer, for The Head Hunter, just below.

Release Date: April 5, 2019 (VOD. Limited Theatrical).

Director: Jordan Downey.

Writers: Kevin Stewart, Jordan Downey.

Cast: Christopher Rygh, Cora Kaufman.

The official trailer for The Head Hunter (courtesy of Vertical Entertainment):

The official homepage for The Head Hunter: The Head Hunter Official Website

This film has some of the aesthetic of Frank Frazetta's work (Death Dealer):

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