Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Dirty Dead Con Men Take to the Streets of Los Angeles this Month on Digital Platforms

Tagline: "You'll Never See Them Coming."

Dirty Dead Con Men is the latest film from Global Digital Releasing. This crime thriller takes place on the streets of Los Angeles. Here, a rogue cop and a charismatic con man ply their trade. But, these two anti-heroes have gotten themselves in over-their-head, when they become involved with the mayor's son. Dirty Dead Con Men centrally stars: Louis Mandylor (Daylight's End, 2016), Peter Dobson (6 Ways to Die, 2016), Kevin Interdonato and Claudia Christian. This title was directed and written by Marie-Grete Heinemann. Now, the film is on Digital platforms, for the first time, this month.

The official, Digital release trailer shows Kook (Dobson) and Mickey (Interdonato) planning their next hustle. They hope to take a prostitution ring for all they have. But, events take a twist, when they learn who is using the business. Now, they have to cover their tracks or face the full arm of the law, in this neo-noir thriller.

Dirty Dead Con Men is now available on several Digital platforms. Initially, the film has been launched on: VuDu, iTunes and Amazon Prime. More platforms will be announced at a future date. And, Dirty Dead Con Men is for indie film fans who enjoy strong writing and a look at the seedy underbelly, that is Los Angeles.

Director: Marie-Grete Heinemann.

Writers: Marie-Grete Heinemann & Kevin Interdonato.

Cast: Peter Dobson, Kevin Interdonato, Claudia Christian, Louis Mandylor and Kristen Dalton.

The official trailer for Dirty Dead Con Men:

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Dirty Dead Con Men at Amazon:

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