Monday, January 28, 2019

Camping Thriller Wronged Brings Locals out of the Woods and Onto Screens this February

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Wronged is an upcoming thriller from director Nicholas Holland. From the band Sunlight's Bane, Holland has created a couple of films, recently. His latest involves a young couple, David (Shaun O'Malley) and Andrea (Angela Roberts-Johnson). They are attacked while in a remote camping spot, after attempting to recover from another tragedy. Wronged is scheduled to show in theatres, in the Michigan area. As well, Indican Pictures will launch the film in late February on home entertainment formats. A preview of the upcoming release of Wronged is here.

The Wronged official artwork has been revealed. The graphic shows a crashed car, on a remote road. A man stands forefront, with a rifle or shotgun in hand. And, much of the background looks misty, hiding what is in store for the characters.

The official synopsis, from Indican, mentions a madman. This young couple, on a weekend getaway, suffer a living nightmare. They are chased by several locals and savagely attacked in the woods. Now, their holiday is a fight for survival.

Fans of thriller can check their local listings, in Michigan. Wronged will show in theatres on February 8th. On February 26th, this title will be available on DVD and Digital platforms. A trailer has also recently been released. And, film fans can find all of the available info' on Wronged right here.

Release Date: February 8th (Limited Theatrical) and February 26th, 2019 (DVD, Digital).

Director/writer: Nicholas Holland.

Cast: Dan Davies, Grover McCants, Wayne E. Brown, Shaun O’Malley, Debra Harrison-Lowe, Matthew Siman and Angela Roberts-Johnson.

The official trailer is available here (via Indican Pictures):

More details on Wronged at Indican: Wronged Release Details at Indican

*Wronged will be available on Amazon, shortly.

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