Tuesday, November 06, 2018

Threshold Brings Apocalyptic Visions to Audiences Later this Year

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Tagline: "The end isn't near, it's already inside."

Threshold is an upcoming horror thriller, from director Jason Eric Perlman. This title has been in development for a number of years. Shooting began in 2014. Completed in 2016, this science fiction tinged film is currently being repped by Tombstone Distribution, for a release later this year or in early 2019. Also, Threshold stars: Randy Wayne (Hellraiser: Judgement) and Leslie Stevens ("True Blood"). In the film, a couple adopts a young child. The child dies in a tragic accident, leading to a strange, worldwide phenomenon. Fans of horror or of science fiction can find the latest details, on Threshold here.

There are a number of synopses for Threshold. One mentions an otherworldly intruder, who knows more about the adopted boy. Another plotline mentions apocalyptic world events and a mother's grief. The trailer develops the story even more, showing a world gone amuck.

Threshold has already shown at a few film festivals. In 2016, this title appeared in Philadelphia - at the First Glance Film Festival. There was another showing in 2017, in Hollywood, followed by an appearance at the Mammoth Film Festival. With representation, Threshold will likely release later this year, while another source mentions March 2019. Either way, fans of indie horror or sci-fi will not have to wait long to see this compelling feature, which has only revealed part of its story, so far.

Release: Q4 2018 or 2019.

Director/writer: Jason Eric Perlman.

Cast: Trilby Glover, Randy Wayne and Leslie Stevens.

The official trailer for Threshold (mature audiences):

*runtime 98 mins.

The film's official homepage: Threshold's Official Website

Sources: Threshold at Tombstone Distribution

Threshold Shooting Details at Deadline (2014)

Take Shelter (2011) is another apocalyptic film, that deals with a small family and strange events:

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