Monday, October 29, 2018

Argentina's Luciferina Gathers a Black Mass this November on Blu-ray and DVD

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Tagline: "Seek the Devil, and He Will Come."

Artsploitation Films is set to release the Argentinian horror film Luciferina. The film involves: religion, innocence and evil. All of these elements collide, this November, when the film is released. From director Gonzalo Calzada (Resurrection, 2015), this title begins with Natalia, a young girl. With her sister and friends, Natalia enters the jungle, in search of an exotic plant. In the depths of tropics, Natalia finds a Black Mass, with ties to the Devil himself. Lucifernia stars Sofía Del Tuffo as Natalia, along with: Victoria Carreras, Gaston Cochiarale and Agustin Daulte. The film's home entertainment release details are hosted here.

As well, Luciferina has had a world wide run. This supernatural tale has screened in London (Frightfest), Belgium (Brussels International Fantastic Film Festiva), Brazil (Fantaspoa) and the United States (Cinepocalypse Festival). At some of these festivals, Luciferina has picked up a number of awards, including a "Best Sexorcism" award at the aforementioned Cinepocalypse. Luciferina has impressed audiences on several continents.

Artsploitation Films will release Luciferina in late November. On November 20th, Luciferina will be available on DVD and Blu-ray. This release will be followed by another, on Digital. On December 4th, this title will be available to rent on most Digital platforms, including: iTunes, Amazon Instant Video, Google Play, Vudu and many others. In Spanish with English subtitles, Luciferina can be seen in just a few weeks, with more release details below.

Release Date: November 20th (DVD, Blu-ray) and December 4th, 2018 (Digital).

Director/writer: Gonzalo Calzada.

Cast: Victoria Carreras, Gastón Cocchiarale, Agustin Daulte.

The official trailer for Luciferina (mature audiences):

*Luciferina will have an SRP of $19.99 (Blu-ray) and $14.99 (DVD). The film's runtime is 114 minutes.

Luciferina at Artsploitation Films: Luciferina Release Details at Artsploitation Films

The Blu-ray is available now, for $10.69 (U.S. Dollars):

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