Monday, July 02, 2018

Belgian Thriller Memento Mori Relives a Tragedy in this First Trailer

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Tagline: "Remember You Must Die."

Memento Mori is an upcoming Dutch language film, from Belgium. The film was shot by short film director Michaël Vermaercke. Memento Mori is a object that represents death, often a skull. That skull can be seen in the film's concept poster, found here. As well, Memento Mori stars: Charlotte De Wulf (Café Derby), Felix Meyer ("Vermist") and Bram Verrecas. The film's NSFW trailer is found here. And, Memento Mori is expected to release later this year, with help from sales agent Euro Obscura.

Very much a psychological thriller, the film involves a series of flashbacks. A young girl is in a coma. She relives parts of the night, which put her in this dire state. After a series of memories are re-experienced, it soon becomes clear what happened to her, at an out-of-control pool party.

Memento Mori is currently on a film festival run. This title had a recent appearance at the Bruxelles International Fantastic Film Festival. Here, some of the filmmakers were in attendance. Indie film fans will be able to see this film in Q3 as the film releases in various territories. For now, fans of mystery can see more of the film here, before the film's impending release.

Release Date: Fall 2018.

Director/writer: Michaël Vermaercke.

Cast: Charlotte De Wulf, Felix Meyer, Bram Verrecas and Tine Roggeman.

The official trailer for Memento Mori (mature audiences only):

Memento Mori at Euro Obscura: Memento Mori Details at Euro Obscura

Source: Memento Mori at Promote Horror

Left Bank is another Belgian thriller, from director Pieter Van Hees (on DVD):

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