Friday, May 04, 2018

The Axiom Slays Monsters this May at Cannes: New Poster

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The Axiom will be going to Cannes. This prestigious film festival begins in just a few days. As well, this supernatural thriller is being repped by sales agent Devilworks. In the film, a young woman struggles to find her sister. She is lost in "a multi-dimensional world full of monsters" (Devilworks). The Axiom stars: William Kircher (The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey), Nicole Dambro (Pitchfork) Hattie Smith, Zac Titus and many others. A preview of the film's festival premiere is hosted here.

A trailer, for The Axiom, was released late, last year. It shows Mckenzie (Smith) near a National forest. She searches for her sister. But, a strange assortment of creatures hound her at every turn.

Devilworks will be taking at least six films to Cannes. The full slate includes: The Axiom, Canaries, The Restaurant, Sick for Toys and Strange Nature. All of these films show at Cannes, beginning this May 8th. More details on The Axiom are below.

Release Date: May 8th to the 17th (Film Festival).

Director/writer: Nicholas Woods.

Cast: Hattie Smith, Zac Titus, Nicole Dambro, William Kircher and Taylor Flowers.

The film's official trailer:

Source: The Axiom at Screen Daily

The Axiom at DevilWorks

More dangers in the forest, with Jason Horton's Monsters in the Woods (Amazon Prime):

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