Thursday, May 31, 2018

One Man Faces his Shadow Self in Matt Hartley's Apotheosis

Tagline: "The Life You Save...Might Be Your Own."

Apotheosis is a mystery thriller from director Matt Hatley. The film is slated to show on Digital platforms in early June. In the film, a couple experience conflict and tragedy. When one person dies, the other is blamed. But, who actually killed Christine? Apotheosis centrally stars Cary Mark and Marley Frank. All of the film's release details are hosted here.

Apotheosis, which is a synonym for deification (to be god-like), will be available on several Digital platforms. VUDU, iTunes and Amazon Prime will initially host the film, this June 5th. Following this release, there are plans to bring the film to more Digital platforms and DVD, as well. This title is a bit of a mixed bag, with elements of horror, and should not be missed when it is available in just under a week.

Release Date: June 5th, 2018 (Digital: VUDU, Amazon Prime & iTunes).

Director/writer: Matt Hartley.

Cast: Cary Mark, Marley Frank and Cheyenne Buchanan.

The official Digital release trailer:

More details on Apotheosis will show at the Global Digital Releasing website, found here: The GDR Official Website

GDR also released the Lorcan Finnegan's psychedelic thriller Without Name. Available at Amazon:

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