Monday, April 02, 2018

Within the Darkness a Demon Emerges this April 3rd on Digital Platforms

Tagline: “Be Careful What You Wish For...”

Jonathan Zuck's Within the Darkness is the latest film to be released by Indican Picture. In the film, a team of ghost hunters stir up a demon, after performing a seance. Within the Darkness stars: Tonya Kay (“Criminal Minds”), John C. Bailey (Clowns, 2014), Shanna Forrestall (The Last Exorcism) and Cheyenne Phillips. To release this week, a preview of the film's Digital launch is hosted here.

The film's official poster shows the demon. It walks on its arms as it emerges from a bright light. In the trailer, the filmmakers prepare their latest episode of "The Paranormal Dimension." They are not ready for what they find inside.

Indican has chosen April 3rd for the film's Digital release. The film will also be available on DVD, shortly. Fans of indie horror are encouraged to take a look. All of the available details, on Within the Darkness, are hosted below.

Release Date: April 3rd, 2018 (Digital).

Director: Jonathan Zuck. Writers: Cheryl Compton and Jonathan Zuck.

Cast: John C. Bailey, Erin Cline, Cheyenne Phillips, Tonya Kay, Shanna Forrestall and Dave Coyne.

The official trailer for Within the Darkness:

More details at Indican: Within the Darkness at Indican Pictures

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