Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Curse of the Scarecrow Haunts the Cornfields in this Early Preview

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Tagline: "Death is Watching."

A few details are emerging from the cornfields for Curse of the Scarecrow. In the vein of Dark Night of the Scarecrow (1981), Husk (2011), Sheldon Wilson's Scarecrow (2013) - Curse of the Scarecrow takes place after a tragedy. June and Carl have seen their parents killed, at an early age. Determined to find their killers, June returns to her family home, only to find the grounds haunted by a murderous scarecrow. This title, from director Louisa Warren, stars: Kate Lister (Fox Trap, 2016) and Cassandra French. Several stills and an early concept poster are hosted here.

There are two synopses for the film. The shorter one mentions that June and Carl return to a family farm, twenty years after their parent's death. Not long after, Carl mysteriously commits suicide. In the longer synopsis, the scarecrow is waging a cornstalk filled war, on an entire town. The crows fly in this film!

Curse of the Scarecrow will be released, in the United States, through High Octane Pictures. A release date will be announced soon. The film is already slated for a United Kingdom release, this October. More details will emerge soon for this dark thriller, with a trailer coming soon!

Release Date: October 22nd, 2018 (United Kingdom) and U.S. (TBA).

Director: Louisa Warren.

Writer: Shannon Holiday.

Cast: Kate Lister, Louisa Warren, Cassandra French.

*a trailer is coming soon.

Source: Curse of the Scarecrow at the Film Catalogue

Husk (2011) is another scarecrow thriller. The film was released on the SyFy Channel in 2011 (reviewed here):

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