Monday, March 05, 2018

Tell Me Your Name Before it is Too Late in this First Trailer

Tagline: "Even Demons Believe in God."

Tell Me Your Name is an upcoming horror film from director Jason DeVan. The film involves demonic possession and an exorcism. This time, the exorcist cannot identify the demon, while time runs out for the possessed's soul. Tell Me Your Name stars: Jessica Barth (The Waterhole, 2009), Matt Dallas (Ghost of Goodnight Lane), Madison Lintz and Bruce Davison. This indie horror title recently had its World Premiere at Cinequest (Silicon Valley), earlier this month. And, fans of horror can find more on Tell Me Your Name here.

The trailer is more revealing than the synopsis. In the clip, a demon haunts Ashley (Sydney Sweeney). When she attempts to make contact with the dead, she invites demonic possession. When the demon makes its appearance, it might already be infernal damnation for Ashley.

Tell Me Your Name has recently completed. So, a release date is quite a ways away. There are some plans to release this title later in 2018, or in early 2019. Though, fans of the macabre may want to check their local film festivals, for the appearance of the demon. The trailer for Tell Me Your Name awaits below.

Release Date: March 2nd-10th, 2018 (World Premiere, Cinequest) and 2018/2019 (Wide Release).

Director/writer: Jason DeVan.

Cast: Sydney Sweeney, Madison Lintz, Bruce Davison

The first trailer for Tell Me Your Name (courtesy of the UHM):

A fan page for the film, with release details: Tell Me Your Name on Facebook

Source: Tell Me Your Name at the UHM

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