Tuesday, March 06, 2018

Garden Party Massacre Mixes Blood an Barbq Sauce in Late 2018 with SGL Entertainment

Gregory Blair's (Deadly Revisions) Garden Party Massacre has just signed teamed-up with SGL Entertainment. Together, they will release this horror comedy, in late 2018. The film will be released on several home entertainment platforms. The film, shot in Los Angeles, involves a barbq invaded by a serial killer. The catastrophic results create laughter and horror. This title stars: Andy Gates (“Grimm”), Nichole Bagby (On The Rocks), Lise Hart, Dawna Lee Heising, Matt Weinglass and David Leeper. A look-ahead to the release of Garden Party Massacre is available here.

This award winning feature will be available on several Digital platforms, shortly. Garden Party Massacre has already won "Best Feature" (FANtastic Horror Film Festival), "Outstanding Horror Comedy" (Zed Fest Film Festival) and even a "Best Ensemble" award. In late 2018, SGL Entertainment will make this film available on: Comcast, Hulu, iTunes, Amazon Prime, Google Play and many more Digital hosters. A more specific release date will be announced soon. For now, the latest stills and trailer, for Garden Party Massacre, are shown below.

Release Date: Q4, 2018 (Digital, DVD, Blu-ray).

Director/writer: Gregory Blair Producers: Gregory Blair & Roxy Shih Director of Photography: Nate Cornett

Cast: Andy Gates, Nichole Bagby, Gregory Blair, Lise Hart, David Leeper, Dawna Lee Heising and Matt Weinglass

The official trailer for Garden Party Massacre:

The film's homepage: A Garden Party Massacre Official Website

Garden Party Massacre on Twitter: Tweet at Garden Party Massacre Here

Blair's former release, the horror film Deadly Revisions (2015):

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