Monday, March 19, 2018

Chris Sun's Boar Tears Through Characters and the Australian Outback in this Teaser Trailer

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Director Chris Sun has released a couple of new trailers for his monstrous feature Boar. The first trailer is for international audiences; it can be found here: A Boar Int. Trailer. A new teaser trailer has also been released. It is a bit more concise and quite a bit more exciting. This second look can be found below. As well, Boar stars: John Jarratt (Wolf Creek), Bill Moseley (Charlie's Farm), Simone Buchanan, Nathan Jones and many others. A new poster had been released, too. All of the latest details, on Boar, are hosted here.

In Sun's newest feature, a huge beast is goring locals and tourists alike. Insane with bloodlust, this man-killer is defending its territory, from anyone crazy enough to come close. Now, it is a fight for survival in Australia's outback.

Boar is set to have an International Premiere in April (Brussels). A World Premiere is expected to be announced this week. And, this horror film is sure to show in film festivals, throughout 2018. More details are coming this way as Boar continues to tear through meat and bone.

Release Date: April 13th, 2018 (International Premiere, Brussels).

Director: Chris Sun.

Writers: Kirsty Dallas & Chris Sun.

Cast: Nathan Jones, Bill Moseley, John Jarratt, Roger Ward and Melissa Tkautz.

The latest teaser trailer is here:

More details on the film at Spybook: A Boar Fan Page on Facebook

Sun's previous horror feature, Charlie's Farm (2014), is available here:

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