Sunday, February 11, 2018

This Trailer for Headgame Leaks a Bit of Spinal Fluid: On DVD this February 20th

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Tagline: "Dare to Play."

The indie horror thriller Headgame has a found a release date. This terrifying title will show on Family Video, in a DVD format. The film, from director, Steven Judd (Death Factory, 2014), involves a secret society and their desire to torture seven strangers. Via bloodsport, these seven unwilling contestants must fight-to-the-death, for the entertainment of others. Headgame will release this month, through Gravitas Ventures. Chris Hayes (The Crying Dead, 2011) Leonard Roberts ("Heroes"), Carly Steel (Unstoppable, 2010), Jamie Hill Fuller and Marina Orlova star in this strange thriller. A preview of the film's upcoming launch is hosted here.

A trailer has just been released for Headgame. It shows the contestants waking up in a warehouse. Each character houses a camera in their forehead. Some of the characters must have lost part of their brain along the way. Nonetheless, they must kill each other as others watch on. One thing is for sure, none of the contestants will ever look the same.

The release date, for Headgame, is just a few days away. Family Video will make this title available on February 20th. There are no extras to speak of yet. And, it is possible that Headgame will show on digital formats, at a future date. The deadly trailer for Headgame is below.

Release Date: February 20th, 2018 (U.S., DVD).

Director: Steven Judd.

Writer: Roberto Marinas.

Cast: Leonard Roberts, Carly Steel, Chris Hayes and Jamie Hill Fuller.

A trailer for Headgame is here (via TheMovieSleuth):

Headgame at Family Video: A Headgame DVD at Family Video

A fan page for the film: Headgame on Fakebook

Headgame is similar to Panic Button (2011), in that characters must kill each other to stay alive:

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