Friday, February 02, 2018

Monster Pictures Unleashes Living Space in Australia this March: Festival Details

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Tagline: "His House, Your Nightmare."

Living Space is a Nazisploitation film, from Australia. In 2017, a teaser debuted for this title; it can be found here: Living Space Teaser on 28DLA. Now, it has been announced that Monster Pictures will show the film, across Australia and New Zealand, this March. The film, since 2017, has been completed. And, Living Space stars: Leigh Scully (Deep Water), Georgia Chara (Wentworth), Andy McPhee, Jolene Anderson and several others. The film's full length trailer, newest film poster and plot breakdown are hosted here.

In the story, Brad (Scully) and Ashley's (Chara) car stops working on a remote road. In the German countryside, they are forced to take refuge in an old farmhouse. The home hosts a dark past. Brad and Ashley must face a supernatural nightmare, if they ever want to see the light of day.

Living Space is a Tru Dot Films production. An Australian based production company, their first film looks to entertain fans of the macabre. As well, a preview of the film's Australian launch is hosted below, with Living Space set to show in: Brisbane, Melbroune and Adelaide. More release details are below.

Release Date: March 14-16th (Limited Theatrical, Australia).

Director/writer: Steven Spiel.

Cast: Georgia Chara, Andy McPhee, Emma Leonard, Jolene Anderson, Ayrton Burridge, Leigh Scully, Erik Vent and Emma Burnside.

A full length trailer for Living Space:

*a full list of Australian screening dates:

Tuesday the 14th March 7pm – Event Cinemas Myer Centre
Filmmaker Q&A with writer/director Steven Spiel, producer Natalie Forward, cinematographer Branco Grabovac & SFX artist Steven Boyle.

Thursday the 15th of March 7pm – Cinema Nova
Filmmaker Q&A with actors Leigh Scully & Georgia Chara, writer/director Steven Spiel, producer Natalie Forward & cinematographer Branco Grabovac.

Friday the 16th of March 7pm – GU Film House (Hindley Street)
Filmmaker Q&A with writer/director Steven Spiel, producer Natalie Forward & cinematographer Branco Grabovac.

Source: Living Space at Monster Pictures

Monster Pictures also released the cannibal feature Raw, in Australia:

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