Wednesday, February 14, 2018

German Serial Killer Thriller Cold Hell (Die Hölle) to Stalk Shudder this March 15th

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Austrian director Stefan Ruzowitzky will bring his German language film Cold Hell to North America. The film is a serial killer thriller. Involving a taxi driver and a brutal murder, Özge is this killer's next target. Cold Hell aka Die Hölle will show on Shudder in mid-March. The film stars: Violetta Schurawlow (Head Full of Honey), Sammy Sheik (American Sniper) and Friedrich von Thun (Schindler's List). A German language trailer is available here, with more story details.

Özge makes a living as a night time taxi driver. During the day, she trains as a Thai kickboxer. One night, she witnesses an Islamic extremist kill a non-believer. But, this killer is not finished. He targets Özge. A real life-and-death game takes place, with the Viennese Police Department reluctant to help.

Stefan Ruzowitzky is an Oscar winning director. His work on the biographical title The Counterfeiters (2008) won him this award, for "Best Foreign Language Film." His latest also covers difficult material. And, film fans can see Ruzowitzky's latest, on Shudder, this March 15th.

Release Date: March 15th, 2018 (Shudder).

Director: Stefan Ruzowitzky.

Writer: Martin Ambrosch.

Cast: Violetta Schurawlow, Tobias Moretti, Robert Palfrader.

The film's German language trailer (no subtitles avail.):

*the film is 92 minutes long and will be released in an unrated format.

A German language homepage for Cold Hell: A Cold Hell Official Website

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