Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Dark Beacon Casts a Ghostly Light this March in the United Kingdom

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Dark Beacon is a horror film from the United Kingdom. Slated to have its United Kingdom Premiere this month, Dark Beacon is a haunted supernatural thriller. In the story, a husband dies only to return from the grave. Now, Christian (Toby Osmond) is haunting Beth (Lynne Anne Rodgers) and her friend, Amy (April Pearson), in a remote lighthouse. This film has already played at several film festivals throughout 2017 (Upstate New York Horror Film Festival). Dark Beacon continues to show in theatres, with a UK Digital release also slated for March. Fans of indie horror features can find more on Dark Beacon here.

The film's story is very much a supernatural love triangle. Amy loves Beth and Beth loves Amy, but the ghost of Christian loves everyone - to death! Widow Beth and her daughter Maya (Kendra Mei) hide in seclusion, at a remote lighthouse. Here, Christian torments the characters, hoping to take them all to the grave.

This is the second award-winning title from Green 13 Films. Their latest has been rated 15 in the UK. Dark Beacon has won: "Best Film," "Best Actress (April Pearson)" and "Best Cinematography," in the United States. The film's trailer shows this feature's strong performances. And, UK audiences can see the film at its UK premiere, or on Digital this March 27th. A North American release date has not been secured. All of the available details on Dark Beacon are below.

Release Date: March 11th, 2018 (UK Premiere) and March 27th (UK, Digital).

Director: Coz Greenop.

Writers: Lee Apsey & Coz Greenop.

Cast: April Pearson, Jon Campling and Lynne Anne Rodgers.

The Dark Beacon trailer:

Dark Beacon on Twitter: Dark Beacon on Twitter

Theatrical details in the UK: Dark Beacon Theatrical Showings at Our Screen

Source: Dark Beacon at Love Horror

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