Tuesday, January 30, 2018

The Campus Descends into the Inferno this February 1st through Amazon Instant

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Tagline: “The Devil Will Take Your Soul...One Piece At a Time.”

Jason Horton's The Campus just had a World Premiere in Hollywood, this past week. The film stars Rachel Amanda Bryant as Morgan. She is trapped in a supernatural series of planes, after her father makes a pact with the Devil. Robert C. Pullman (“Fragmented”), Brit Sheridan (“Supernatural”) and Scott Menville also star. Now, The Campus is set to show on Amazon Instant. A preview of the film's Video-on-demand is hosted here.

The Campus has been reviewed on this site A The Campus Review on 28DLA. The film, written by Horton, incorporates several smaller stories in a larger narrative. Basically, there is a series of scenes with a killer a cult, another series of scenes with the undead, and another with Morgan falling apart a la Eli Roth's Cabin Fever (2002). There is a lot of material to dissect in this indie horror film.

On February 1st, The Campus will be available on Amazon Instant. This title, from Gas Money Pictures, will entertain most indie horror fans. A DVD release is expected for April of this year. Horror fans can find the latest on The Campus below.

Release Date: February 1st, 2018 (Amazon Instant) and April 2018 (DVD).

Director/writer: Jason Horton.

Producers: Sean A. Reid, Joe Bartone, Robert Pullman, James L. Bills and Paul Norman.

Cast: Rachel Amanda Bryant, Britt Sheridan, Robert C. Pullman and Scott Menville.

The film’s official trailer:

The Campus on Twitter as Gas Money Pictures: Gas Money Pictures on Twitter

The Campus on Facebook: The Campus Fan Page on Facebook

Available here:

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