Monday, January 22, 2018

Richard Chandler's Parts Unknown to Suplex the Horror Genre: Early Details

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Tagline: "All Beauty Must Die."

Richard Chandler (Gilgamesh, 2014) is the writer behind the horror title Parts Unknown. His latest stars: Melantha Blackthorne (Death Race, 2008), Sarah Michelle, Alexandra Cipolla and former pro-wrestler Jake Roberts. Together, they bring they bring the story of the Von Strasser family to the screen. The Von Strassers, a family of unstable wrestlers, seek to reclaim their position within the wrestling industry, through any way possible. The film's first poster and casting details are hosted here.

Director Chandler has a few things to say on his latest production. He says of Parts Unknown and its story: "it's original. Whether people can get past a smaller budget or not, no one can deny that this hasn't really been done. It exists in its own world." To blend horror and wrestling does come across as original. Though, the Trick or Treat podcast does blend these two elements often in their show. It will remain to be seen on what Chandler has produced with his latest. A trailer for Parts Unknown is coming soon, with a few early graphics hosted here.

Release Date: 2018.

Director/writer: Richard Chandler.

Cast: Melantha Blackthorne, Jake Roberts, Jack Caron, William DeCoff and Alexander Hauck.

*a trailer is coming soon.

A few more details on the film can be found at the Boston Film Family website:

Parts Unknown at the Boston Film Family

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