Thursday, January 18, 2018

Danielle Harris is Trapped within Inoperable: Out on DVD and VOD this February 6th

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Tagline: "In this Hospital The Patients Never Leave..."

Inoperable is moving to VOD and DVD platforms. The launch begins in early February 6th. This title has already had a theatrical run, this past December. Starring Danielle Harris (Hatchet III) and Katie Keene, this indie horror title involves a hurricane, a car crash and one woman's search for answers. Developed by Zorya Films, a preview of the film's home entertainment launch is hosted here.

The story mentions a supernatural battle. Amy (Harris) is trapped in a remote hospital, after her car crash. In the hospital, the medical staff have turned against her. Meanwhile, Amy is woken and re-awoken in the hospital, with events playing out the same. Stuck in some sort of supernatural limbo, Amy must find an escape, if she hopes to return to her previous reality.

A few special features have been announced for the release. The DVD release will include a feature length commentary with director Christopher Lawrence Chapman, writer Jeff Miller, actor Jeff Denton and actress Katie Keene. There will be trailers, as well. And, the DVD SRP will be $14.93 (US dollars). As well, Inoperable has a run time of 85 minutes. More details, including a link to an interview with actress Danielle Harris on this film, are hosted below.

Release Date: February 6th, 2018 (DVD, VOD).

Director: Christopher Lawrence Chapman.

Writers: Christopher Lawrence Chapman and Jeff Miller.

Cast: Danielle Harris, Katie Keene and Isabella Sofia Menna.

A trailer for Inoperable is here:

Actress Danielle Harris talks about Inoperable in this interview: Danielle Harris on Inoperable (Interview)

Available at Amazon, for pre-orders:

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