Tuesday, November 07, 2017

Zombie Film Johnny Z Claws into Pre-production: Early Details

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Director Jonathan Straiton (Night of Something Strange) is in pre-production on another horror film. The title is Johnny Z. Currently, Johnny Z is looking for funding, before shooting begins. Hurricane Bridge Entertainment has already secured distribution, through Black Mandala. Johnny Z has been influenced by films of the past, including George A. Romero's Land of the Dead (2005) and Gareth Evans' The Raid (2011). As well, perks are being offered to horror fans, if they support this project. A preview of the film is hosted here.

The story involves a half human, half zombie - named Johnny. He seeks revenge on the sadistic corporation who created him. But, he will need to prepare himself for the battle, that lays ahead.

A few casting details have been announced. Night of Something Strange alumni Michael Merchant, Trey Harrison and Wayne Johnson will return. As well, Felix Cortes will star. Johnny Z is expected to offer great fight and stunt choreography. And, film fans can find a preview of Johnny Z, at the film's website and Indiegogo campaign, found below.

Release Date: TBA.

Director: Jonathan Straiton.

Writers: Jonathan Straiton and Ron Bonk.

Producer: Brie Straiton.

Cast: Michael Merchant, Trey Harrison, Wayne Johnson and Felix Cortes.

*perks for supporting the project include: signed DVDs and Blu-rays and many more.

The film's Indiegogo campaign is here: Johnny Z at Indie Gogo

The Hurricane Bridge Ent. website: A Hurricane Bridge Ent. Homepage

Straiton's earlier work (Night of Something Strange, Blu-ray):

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