Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Turkish Director Can Evrenol Brings Giallo-styled Horror with Housewife: Early Details

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Tagline: "There's Only You and Your Dreams."

Housewife is the latest film from Turkish director Can Evrenol (Baskin, 2015). A film student, Evrenol has crafted a Giallo-styled feature, with Housewife. In the film, a woman loses her grip on reality after her sister and father are murdered. The film stars: Clementine Poidatz, David Sakurai and others. This title is currently on a film festival run, with upcoming appearances at the Denver International Film Festival and the Brooklyn Horror Film Festival. An official trailer and poster are available here, for Housewife.

The trailer shows a whole host of strange situations. The movie poster shows more bizarre images. In the clip, scenes are held for a few seconds as violence and blood streak the screen. The graphic shows a bright light and a mysterious man, while a woman screams. All of the material is designed to unsettle the viewer.

Indie horror fans will have to check their local film festival for Housewife appearances. The film has already shown in France and Spain. Housewife will have its North American premiere at the Brooklyn Horror Film Festival, on October 12th. Fans of international horror will have lots of opportunities to see the film on the big screen, with a wider North American release a ways away.

Release Date: November 3rd, 2017 (Limited Theatrical).

Director: Can Evrenol.

Writers: Can Evrenol and Cem Ozuduru.

Cast: Clementine Poidatz, David Sakurai and Alicia Kapudag.

The first trailer for Housewife:

Source: Housewife at the UHM

Evrenol's earlier film, Baskin, on Blu-ray:

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