Monday, October 23, 2017

This Year's Stockings will be a Bit Redder this Year with Once Upon a Time at Christmas (Out December 12th)

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Tagline: "The Ultimate Slay Ride."

It is almost Halloween; but, a new Christmas themed horror film is coming to town. The film is titled Once Upon a Time at Christmas. From director Paul Tanter (Age of the Living Dead, 2017), this title involves a murderous Mr. and Mrs. Claus. Together, they attack the holiday season. This title, written by a trio of writers, stars: Sayla de Goede, Simon Phillips, and Brook Fletcher. Once Upon a Time at Christmas was also developed by actor and producer Mem Ferda (Truth or Dare, 2013). A trailer and movie poster are here, now.

The trailer shows the troublesome twosome. They invade one home and torment a lady. There are more victims as Christmas approaches. And, this is one holiday season that will be covered in blood!

The official movie poster also shows one of the villains. The tagline: "the ultimate slay ride" promises a large body count. And, this year Santa looks a little crazed. As well, producer Ferda said of the film and its villains: " I’m elated to be back on the horror circuit with ‘Once Upon A Time at Christmas’. Simon, Paul and I worked hard to create a shocking and memorable murderous duo!" That duo gets to work this December 12th, when the film is released by Lionsgate Home Entertainment.

Release Date: December 12th, 2017 (DVD).

Director: Paul Tanter.

Producer: Mem Ferda.

Writers: Christopher Jolley, Simon Phillips and Paul Tanter.

Cast: Sayla de Goede, Simon Phillips, Brook Fletcher, Laurel Brady, Christina Vernucci, Jeff Ellenberger and Devon Mary Doherty.

The official trailer for Once Upon a Time at Christmas:

A fan page for the film: Once Upon a Time at Christmas on Facebook

Available for pre-orders at Amazon:

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