Thursday, October 19, 2017

Death Race: Anarchy Brings Bigger Explosions and More Excitement this January 30th!

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A fourth Death Race feature has been finished. Titled Death Race: Anarchy, this latest title will release in early 2018. This time, Goldberg (Danny Trejo) returns as a devious bookie, for the wildest Death Race around. Connor (Zack McGowan) will face Frankenstein (Velislav Pavlov) in a battle to the death - with the world's most violent machines! Death Race: Anarchy also stars: Danny Glover as Baltimore Bob, Fred Koehler, Christine Marzano and many, many others. A preview of the film's home entertainment launch is here.

A release trailer has been provided by Universal Pictures. It shows a new assortment of vehicles and weapons. Full of gun fire, explosions, and post-apocalyptic settings, this fourth film looks to be the most exciting one yet.

Special features have also been announced for the film. Death Race: Anarchy will be released in an unrated version. Bonus features include: an audio commentary with director Don Michael Paul and cast member McGowan, an "Inside the Anarchy Making-of Featurette," a "Time Served" featurette, and a "On the Streets of Death Race: Beyond Anarchy" stunt featurrete. The film promises a host of extras, this January 30th, 2018. On this date, the film will be available on: Blu-ray, DVD and VOD.

Release Date: January 30th, 2018 (DVD, Blu-ray, VOD).

Director: Don Michael Paul.

Writers: Paul W.S. Anderson and Tony Giglio and Don Michael Paul.

Cast: Zach McGowan, Frederick Koehler, Christine Marzano, Yennis Cheung, Cassie Clare, Lucy Aarden, Danny Trejo and Danny Glover.

The official release trailer for Death Race: Anarchy:

*this film follows: Death Race (2008), Death Race 2 (2010), and Death Race: Inferno (2013).

Source: Death Race: Anarchy at Broke Horror Fan

Available for pre-orders:

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