Friday, September 22, 2017

Shortwave Makes Contact with a Strange Signal this October on DVD and VOD

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Tagline: "Some Messages Should be Ignored."

A few details have emerged for director Ryan Gregory Phillips' (Sparks: Neon Hitch, 2015) Shortwave. The film will have its release in October, on both DVD and Video-on-demand. Vega Baby! and Sony Pictures will handle the VOD and DVDlaunch, in the U.S. and Canada. As well, Shortwave will have a limited theatrical run, in early October. In the film, a mother is struggling to deal with the loss of her child. In a new home, a strange signal resonates with Isabel (Juanita Ringeling), causing hallucinations. Shortwave stars: Christobal Tapia Montt, Nina Senicar and many others. The film's official trailer and DVD artwork are hosted here.

The trailer shows the strange signal and its effects on Isabel. Radio equipment continues to bring in strange sounds as Isabel believes the signal is bringing her into contact with her lost child. But, what is the actual source of the signal?

The DVD artwork also brings mystery (above). An audio signal impedes the vision of a female character. The tagline: "some messages should be ignored" hints at some of the film's malevolence. And, Shortwave is bit of a genre-bender, with elements of: sci-fi, mystery and horror held within. Fans of any of these genres can find more on Shortwave below.

Release Date: October 2nd (Limited Theatrical), October 3rd (DVD) and October 24th (VOD).

Director/writer: Ryan Gregory Phillips.

Cast: Juanita Ringeling, Cristobal Tapia Montt, Sara Malakul Lane, Jay Ellis, and Kyle Davis

The film's official trailer:

Source: Shortwave at Dreadcentral

Shortwave, on DVD, is available here:

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