Saturday, September 16, 2017

Bob Golub is a One Man Show and a One Man Army in this Trailer for Die Laughing

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Bob Golub's Die Laughing has released this week. The film brings Golub's comedic act to home entertainment formats. Though, the film is a dark comedy as other characters find themselves on the business end of a knife, or a fist. Partially improvised, Golub has teamed up with writer Mark Mannschreck to bring this title to film fans. Now, the official trailer and poster are hosted here, for Die Laughing.

The trailer shows Golub turning on almost anyone in his path. He acts out violently. And, no one is safe when Golub steps off the stage.

Terror Films has released this title on September 15th. The film is being hosted on major digital platforms. From iTunes to Amazon Prime, indie horror film fans can find Die Laughing everywhere. More details on Die Laughing are hosted below.

Release Date: September 15th, 2017 (VOD).

Directors/writers: Bob Golub & Mark Mannschreck.

Writer: Bob Golub

Cast: Bob Golub.

The official trailer for Die Laughing:

For more information on Terror Films, visit: Die Laughing at Terror Films

Available at Amazon, here:

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