Wednesday, August 16, 2017

The Night Before Gets to the Point in this Tense Trailer: Release Details

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Brett Bentman's The Night Before is set to release this September. MTI Home Video will handle the release, on DVD. In the film, a single mother and her daughter are taken captive, in a strange home. Events take place on the night before Halloween. This indie horror title stars: Steven Michael Quezada, Rachel G. Whittle, Kimi Acosta and Tom Zembrod. A trailer has just been released for the film and it can be found here.

The trailer shows Kristina (Whittle) in the dark. Something grabs her from behind, out of view. Then, a masked character makes an appearance, axe in hand. Characters are stabbed and bloodied on a lawn. And, the clip holds a good deal of tension.

MTI Home Video has set the DVD release for late September. The disc will be available on September 26th, with the DVD artwork coming soon. Fans of stalk-and-slash thrillers, can track down their own copy in just a few weeks. More details on The Night Before are below.

Release Date: September 26, 2017 (DVD).

Director/writer: Brett Bentman.

Cast: Steven Michael Quezada, Rachel G. Whittle, Kimi Acosta and Tom Zembrod.

The trailer for The Night Before is here:

More details will be available at MTI Home Video, shortly: The MTI HomeVideo Website

Also from MTI (Jared Cohn's The Domicile):

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