Thursday, August 31, 2017

The Fight is on in Biological Terror Trench 11: First Trailer!

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Tagline: "Violence is Contagious."

Trench 11 is a horror film set in World War I. Developed by Carousel Pictures, the film involves a hidden German base and a highly contagious biological weapon. The film was directed by Leo Scherman, from a script by Matt Booi. As well, Trench 11 stars: Karine Vanasse ("Revenge"), Rossif Sutherland and Charlie Carrick. And now, a trailer is available for this terrifying feature as it starts a film festival run.

The trailer shows a platoon of Allied soldiers. They are infiltrating an underground bunker. But, they do not meet the usual German resistance. Instead, something is hiding below ground, a rogue biological experiment! This experiment is loose and killing anyone within its reach.

Trench 11 is set to show at several film festivals. This title will have a showing at ScreamfestLA, in October. In November, the film can be seen at Chicago's Cinepocalypse. As well, Trench 11 is being represented by Raven Banner Entertainment, in Canada. So, a Canadian showing is expected soon. The latest on Trench 11 is available here.

Release Date: November 2017 (Limited Theatrical).

Director: Leo Scherman.

Writer: Matt Booi.

Cast: Karine Vanasse, Rossif Sutherland, Charlie Carrick.

The film's first trailer:

Trench 11 at Raven Banner Ent.: Trench 11 at Raven Banner Ent.

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