Thursday, August 17, 2017

All Doors Are Closed and All Memories are False in this First Trailer for Sci-fi Thriller Infinity Chamber

Tagline: "Justice is Automated. Your Fate is Secure."

Travis Milloy's (Pandorum, 2009) Somnio was recently renamed to Infinity Chamber. This sci-fi thriller was completed in 2016 and shown in London. This year, the film will have theatrical showings in Los Angeles, this September. As well, XLRator Media is getting set to show the film through Video-on-demand, in September, also. This title deals with a prisoner. Frank's (Christopher Soren Kelly) only interactions are with an automated security camera. The days turn into weeks as Frank struggles to find any way out of his confinement. Now, a trailer is available for Infinity Chamber!

Viewers might notice that 28DLA gets a mention, in the clip. This film was reviewed here, as Somnio: An Infinity Chamber Review (as Somnio) on 28DLA. Other early reviewers are also mentioned. Meanwhile, the trailer shows some of Frank's memories. A coffee shop is shown and a barista. Not much later, Frank begs his captor for empathy. But, can artificial intelligence really help Frank, or just prolong his suffering?

Infinity Chamber is a film for fans of science fiction and mystery titles. Much of the film is shot within Frank's cell. However, the film utilizes some of his memories or dreams. These memories are being investigated by Frank's robotic captor, for sedition. Very tense and full of great sequences, Infinity Chamber is a memorable film, which should be seen. The first trailer, for the film, awaits below.

Release Date: September 15th (Limited Theatrical, Los Angeles) and September 26th (VOD, US).

Director/writer: Travis Milloy.

Producers: Michael Dwyer, Thomas Eberts, David Emrich, Marianne Milloy, Travis Milloy and Laurie Sheldon.

Cast: Christopher Soren Kelly, Cassandra Clark and Chuck Klein.

The official trailer, with a quote from Michael Allen of 28 Days Later Analysis. Who is that guy?

Available at iTunes: Infinity Chamber at iTunes

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