Monday, July 31, 2017

The Walls Close in with this Preview of The Glass Coffin

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The Glass Coffin aka El Ata├║d de Cristal is a Spanish film. Set to show at the United Kingdom's FrightFest, the film is a one character film. In an enclosed limousine, Amanda tries to escape her prison. Paola Bontempi stars in this horror title. Haritz Zubillaga directed The Glass Coffin. And, this title is set to show in late August, at this renowned film festival. The film's official trailer, poster and stills are hosted here.

The film is a mystery. Amanda is invited inside a luxurious limousine, in front of her house. As soon as she steps in, events take a strange turn. She cannot unlock the doors and she cannot call for help. Instead, she must face a masked villain, with the car filling with water. There is no way out.

The Glass Coffin will have its UK premiere at FrightFest. This is a Spanish language film. From Basque Films, the latest release details, for The Glass Coffin, are hosted here.

Release Date: August 25th & 26th (Limited Theatrical, Film Festival).

Director: Haritz Zubillaga.

Writers: Aitor Eneriz and Haritz Zubillaga.

Cast: Paola Bontempi.

The film's official trailer:

Sources: The Glass Coffin at Fright Fest

The Glass Coffin at Burdigala Production

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