Friday, July 07, 2017

Science Blurs Reality in Andrew Finnigan's Simple Creature: Official Poster and Trailer

Tagline: “We Make Better Humans.”

Indican Pictures will begin the experiment with Andrew Finnigan's Simple Creature this summer. This thriller involves: the protagonist, a terrible crash and new technology. All three elements lead to a permanent change in Em (Carollani Sandberg). The film also stars: D'Angelo Madili (The Invoking), Russell Hodgkinson ("Z Nation"), Alycia Delmore and Tony Doupé. And, the official trailer, for Simple Creature, is here.

The film's synopsis talks of a holiday break. Em, while travelling, is involved in a brutal crash. Her father is a scientist, with access to life-changing technology. Now, Em has a chance to piece her body and mind together, but she has turned into something else.

The film's official artwork is hosted above. It shows Em undergoing her change. Part technology and part human, Em will chill audiences this July 25th. On this date, Simple Creature will be available on DVD and VOD, throughout North America. More cast and crew details are below.

Release Date: July 25th, 2017 (VOD, DVD).

Director/writer: Andrew Finnigan.

Cast: Carollani Sandberg, D’Angelo Madili, Russell Hodgkinson, Alycia Delmore, Tony DoupĂ© and Hans Altwies.

The official trailer for Simple Creature:

More film details at Indican: Simple Creature at Indican

Also from Indican:

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