Tuesday, July 18, 2017

A Monster is Created in Shaun Hart's Del Playa this July 21st

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Tagline: "Some Monsters Aren't Born. They're Created."

Del Playa is the latest, upcoming release from Terror Films. This title courted controversy, when it was associated with the Elliot Rdoger crime spree. Since 2015, the film has acquired a July release date. Del Playa will show in the United States and Canada, in just a few days. The film was directed by Shaun Hart. And, Del Playa stars: Devon Barnes , Ryan Ochoa, Brett Johnson and Alan Ayala. The film's official artwork and trailer are hosted here.

The promotional material focuses on Matthew. He has his heart set on Claire. But, she already favours someone else. Rejection and a difficult home life push Matthew over the edge of sanity. Broken and alone, he turns his pain into something murderous. Now, everyone will pay for his perceived wrongs.

A large portion of the film shows Matthew, behind a mask. He stalks a number of young woman. With police in pursuit, this villain ups his killings. Matthew is also masked in the film's official VOD poster. Also, all of the release details, for Del Playa, are hosted below.

Release Date: July 21st, 2017 (VOD: USA, Canada).

Director/writer: Shaun Hart.

Cast: Devon Barnes, Ryan Ochoa, Brett Johnson.

The film's official VOD trailer:

*the following digital platforms will host the VOD launch: iTunes, Amazon Instant, Google Play/You Tube, Sony PSN, X-Box, Vudu, Steam, Vimeo On Demand, Roku (Free Flix Tonight, 24 Hour Movie Channel, Free Grindhouse Flix Tonight), I Bleed Indie, Tubi TV

The Terror Films' website, with more film details: Del Playa on Terror Films

Terror Films on Facebook: Terror Films on Facebook

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