Friday, May 19, 2017

200 Degrees Creates a Hostile Work Environment in this Preview

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It has been awhile since there has been news on Giorgio Serafini's 200 Degrees. Since October of 2016, the film has been renamed from Burn to 200 Degrees. As well, this title has found distribution through Level 33 Entertainment. In June, the film will be available through Video-on-demand formats. And, the film centrally stars Eric Balfour as Ryan. Ryan is a stockbroker, trapped in an industrial kiln. He has a short amount of time, to make a million dollars and have it delivered. A preview of the film's VOD launch is hosted here.

The VOD trailer is very similar to the one released in late 2016. It shows Ryan held in a small room as the temperature is turned up. Frantic, Ryan must uses all of his contacts and wiles to find an escape. But, it is no easy task to raise one million dollars, especially under this must heat and pressure.

Level 33 Entertainment has partnered with a number of VOD platforms. 200 Degrees will be available on: Comcast Xfinity, iTunes, AT&T, DirecTV, Amazon Instant, Dish Network and VUDU. More online retailers will be announced as the film reaches its Summer release date. For now, horror fans can see for the first time, or revisit the trailer for 200 Degrees, below.

Release Date: June 6th, 2017 (VOD, US).

Director: Giorgio Serafini.

Writer: Garry Charles.

Cast: Eric Balfour, LaDon Drummond, Joe Grisaffi and Kristin Cochell.

A trailer for the film:

An earlier announcement for the film as Burn: 200 Degrees as Burn on 28DLA

A fan page for the film: 200 Degrees on Facebook

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