Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Another Evil Hosts One Ghost Hunter Too Many in this Theatrical Preview

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Dark Sky Films will bring a strange story, to the screen. The film is titled Another Evil. From director Carson D. Mell, the film is a blend of horror and comedy. Recently, it showed at SXSW, in Austin and the Fantasia Film Festival. Another Evil is now set to see a few theatres in May and Video-on-demand. The film stars: Steve Zissis (Roadies), Jennifer Irwin (The Goldbergs) and Mark Proksch ("Better Call Saul"). A preview for the film's launch is hosted here.

Os Bijourn is more than an alcoholic. He is also an unwanted boarder. But still, there are more demons to track down, in Dan's home. With no end on the horizon, Dan will have to take extreme measures to rid himself of both ghosts and this lonely ghosthunter.

The film's official trailer is hosted here. It shows Dan and Os putting together various ghost traps. Some are more effective than others. Though, Os' strange behaviours take center stage as Dan becomes a prisoner in his own vacation home. Fans of comedies and horror titles can find the latest on Another Evil here.

Release Date: May 5th, 2017 (Limited Theatrical, VOD).

Director/writer: Carson D. Mell.

Cast: Dan Bakkedahl, Beck DeRobertis, Dax Flame.

A trailer for Another Evil is hosted here:

*the film has a runtime of 90 minutes and will release in an unrated version.

Another Evil at Dark Sky Films: Another Evil Details at Dark Sky Films

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