Wednesday, March 08, 2017

Sam Was Here But He Wishes He Wasn't in this First Trailer

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A new trailer was released for Christophe Deroo's Sam Was Here. The clip shows Sam (Rusty Joiner) alone in the desert. Accused of murder, he struggles with his new, violent reality. The film also stars: Sigrid La Chapelle and Rhoda Pell. Slated for a release in France, Sam Was Here will also release in the United States, sometime in 2017. All of the details for the film, including the trailer, are hosted here.

A long synopsis, from the director, talks of a lonely door-to-door salesman. Sam wanders the Californian desert in search of clients. But, there is no one around. A local radio station talks of a child killer. When locals begin to attack Sam, he soon realizes that everyone believes that he is the killer!

Much of Sam Was Here was filmed in various California locations. The film was shot in El Mirage and Palmdale, also at the Agua Dulce Movie Ranch. Some of these desert locations can be seen in the film's first trailer. And, this viewer wonders if the film is one long desert hallucination. All of the latest details on Sam Was Here are hosted below.

Release Date: April 4, 2017 (France, DVD) and 2017 (US).

Director: Christophe Deroo.

Writers: Christophe Deroo and Clement Tuffreau.

Cast: Rusty Joiner, Sigrid La Chapelle and Rhoda Pell.

A trailer for Sam Was Here is below:

Source: Sam Was Here at the UHM

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