Thursday, December 08, 2016

This Year's Secret Santa has Psychopathic Tendencies: First Trailer

Christmas is supposed to about family, friends and a bit of kissing under the mistletoe. In Adam Marcus' (Jason Goes to Hell) Secret Santa, Christmas is about poor table manners and murder. A trailer for Secret Santa was just released. The clip shows all sorts of mayhem as family members turn against each other. The film stars: Michael Rady, Drew Lynch and Debra Sullivan. While a release date is awhile away, fans of Christmas themed horror films can preview the film's latest promotional material, here.

The film's official synopsis talks of an altered sense of reality. That disruption occurs at the dinner table as seen in the film's first trailer. Eventually, a "flawed hero" comes to save the day. But, is there anyone left to save?

A release date for Secret Santa has not been announced. Once the film finds a launch date, it will be announced here. More details on the film, including stills, can be found below.

Release Date: TBA.

Director: Adam Marcus.

Writers: Adam Marcus and Debra Sullivan.

Cast: Michael Rady, Drew Lynch and Debra Sullivan.

The film's first trailer:

The film's homepage: A Secret Santa Official Website

Source: Secret Santa at the UHM

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