Friday, December 09, 2016

This Pitchfork Punches Holes in Characters with this Trailer

A new slasher film is coming your way, this January. The film is titled Pitchfork. From director and writer Glenn Douglas Packard, this title involves a "life-changing secret." That secret could be deadly to a group of friends. Pitchfork is slated for a January launch, through Video-on-demand. The film will also see a few theatres in mid-January. A preview for the film's launch is hosted here.

The first trailer shows the friends arriving at a farm. Light shifts to darkness. Then, a strange figure emerges in the house. Doing his best to punch holes in all of the characters, these friends will have to fight back, if they want to survive the night.

All of the available release details, for Pitchfork, are hosted here. The film's official movie poster is listed above. The killer is centrally shown as a line proclaims: "I am going to hurt you bad." The tagline, just below, also says: "every generation has its monster." A still, from the film, shows the killer up close and personal. His mask, slightly torn, looks made from a teddy bear? The insanity moves into high gear, early next year!

Release Date: January 13th, 2017 (Theatrical, VOD).

Director: Glenn Douglas Packard.

Writers: Darryl F. Gariglio, Glenn Douglas Packard.

Cast: Daniel Wilkinson, Brian Raetz and Lindsey Nicole.

A trailer for Pitchfork is available here:

The film's homepage: A Pitchfork Homepage

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